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“Leaders are not born...
they are created.”



If you feel passionate about career progression and an improved lifestyle, you should see for yourself what Hornet is all about. Our mission is to become the best-known marketing company in the world. In our day-to-day work, we inspire people whilst remaining genuine. As a company, we can offer you a wide range of self-employed and employed opportunities – not only engaging professional tasks but also in terms of many feel-good aspects. We are always looking to help develop people in all areas, from entry-level sales to passionate entrepreneurs.

Who are we looking for?

Hornet Global Communications is looking for individuals seeking experience in the telesales and marketing sector that are not made for the traditional corporate route. We want professionals searching for a company that is focused on shaking things up and making an impact.

Are you bored of the same old marketing techniques? So are we. Contact Hornet Global Communications today and be part of changing the industry and injecting an element of fun and excitement into sales and marketing.



Hornet Global Communications believes in targeted measures that allow you to improve your everyday working performance and expand your skills. This makes the Group more efficient, but it also increases your motivation and self-confidence.

Classroom and practical courses in different languages enable individual advanced training worldwide. If we feel that you are qualified for a business development program, you will receive specific advice and encouragement.
This also applies if you move to a different location or want to extend your area of work. We give opportunities for advancement to those who display that they can exceed expectations. In addition, Hornet provides weekly feedback meetings, documentation that assess your personal and professional habits and defines your personal goals for the following week, ensuring constant development.


As a global player, we enter markets worldwide and continue to develop and expand. Our group of independent business partners consists of 16 consolidated countries responsible for their local business activities. We offer opportunities for all skill levels, especially in sales, marketing, retail experience and business development.

Since our business development program is globally aligned, we can provide opportunities across 16 countries. If you are interested, please apply online.


For applicants with and without professional experience, there is nothing more motivating than to see how their ideas travel around the world and inspire fascination and interest among experts and clients. Whether our teams participate in creating successful campaigns, marketing experts, business owners or sales consultants – every day, they experience the unique appeal of being part of one of the future best-known marketing companies.


Whether you are just starting out on your professional career or are moving up the corporate ladder, you’ll want to make sure that you are working on something extraordinary. In this case, you should apply for an opportunity with us. We offer applicants many entry opportunities in an exciting industry.

We also provide a lot of support to get you started and trading with our company – such as specified on the job training, our established mentor system, individual induction plans and special information events for new leaders. Ensure that you are well prepared for your future tasks and expansion. We use the same business development program that our CEO used to create Hornet. Our CEO did not invent the business development program or the systems used to develop success here at Hornet. He simply applied for an opportunity to work alongside a successful sales and marketing company, entered a self-employed Business Development Programme – became a great student, improved his personal and business habits and applied the advice given by his own mentor within the industry.






After going from success to success in the UK, we are proud to announce our company expanded to Belfast, Sheffield, Nottingham and Birmingham in 2021 with immediate goals to double the operations here in Kent and to continue expanding to Southampton, Chelmsford and London for the first half of 2022. These expansions are only possible due to the efforts and development of our greatest asset, our Team.


Brand Ambassador and Marketer

Fancy yourself as a creative person? Think you could take a national brand and make it the dominant force in its sector? Then this is the career for you! We are recruiting for thinkers and individuals who feel they can bring their personality and enthusiasm to bear on a significant business and increase their presence in the marketplace. An adaptable communicator will have a substantial advantage as we tailor our approach to our clients’ markets. B2B, B2C, CCC, and E&P activity will be fully trained- apply within if you have what it takes!

Entrepreneurial Development Programme

Calling all budding entrepreneurs and field experts – we want you.
Hornet is offering a unique opportunity to partake in a business development programme geared at satisfying our clients’ growing demand for more representation in Maidstone and beyond. A great chance for graduates and ambitious individuals to earn their stripes – Hornet will enter individuals into an entrepreneurial development programme of a standard 12-month length to create a new wave of experts in the marketing sector who will be responsible for overseeing complete client portfolios and even entire campaigns.

Marketing Trainee

Are you an enthusiastic, outgoing and creative individual? Are you confident in interacting with customers and creating a great first impression? The Marketing Trainee will be the first point of contact between our clients and their customers and will also have a great understanding of the marketing campaigns and their implementation. The day to day will include interacting with clients and customers and ensuring that the brand is represented in a professional matter, conducting presentations and demonstrations of the marketed services and bringing onboard new business, while at the same time putting the focus on quality and providing our clients with the best service possible.

Marketing and Customer Service Team Leader

The best person for this role is the ambitious and career-driven individual, the type of person that strives in a competitive environment and is at their best while they are motivating others. As well as being a world-class brand ambassador and having great success in implementing the marketing campaigns, they will be responsible for teaching and training a team of people in marketing and customer service, providing the best type of guidance tailored to both the team and the individual team member, and they will be involved in interviewing and taking on other leading responsibilities.

Customer Service Representative

If you are bubbly, outgoing and friendly – read ahead. As a Customer Service colleague, you will be the face of our client's brands, and you will be in charge of creating the best possible first impression in order to generate repeat customers. Flexibility is key as the right person will work across multiple campaigns within different industries and prove themselves a great team members while maintaining a fun and positive atmosphere for both the team and the customers.

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